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Dr. McLean is both a multiply Board-Certified surgeon and licensed attorney.

 Having graduated from the University of Chicago School of Medicine in 1981, Dr. McLean has thirty years of experience in clinical medicine.  He has been certified and twice recertified in Critical Care Medicine, General and Thoracic Surgery.  In addition to his hands on experience in these areas, during Dr. McLean practiced both emergency room and occupational medicine and he is a former Regional Medical Consultant for the Social Security Administration where he reviewed disability determinations. Dr. McLean has experience in utilization review (Interqual) and served as an ICU director. Dr. McLean’s clinical publications have appeared in prestigious medical journals (Journal of the American Medical Association, The Lancet, and Health Affairs). Finally, Dr. McLean has been a guest editor for many high-profile medical journals including: Annual of Thoracic Surgery, Chest, and American Journal of Surgery.

 Dr. McLean received his law degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law in 1999. He has represented clients before state agencies and evaluated claims for medical malpractice. Dr. McLean has served as consultant for both the World Health Organization and the Federal Drug Administration. He is a past president of the Greater Kansas City Society of Healthcare Attorneys, and a former Board Member for the Samuel U Rodgers Community Health Center and the American College of Legal Medicine. Dr. McLean has also authored many law review articles concerning Medical Malpractice, ERISA, evidence and e-discovery, and healthcare regulation.  Dr. McLean has also been an invited speaker at a number of prestigious law schools, including: Harvard University, Loyola University, and the University of Wisconsin.